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The Peace Company Store

A Local-Global Fair-Trade Marketplace


In a living ecosystem each element plays a role in its own right but recognizes itself as a part of a whole. The Peace Company looks to the ecosystem of the peacebuilding community for context, and brings that recognition back to its operations. We uphold our global store as an example of operationalizing that awareness: first, as a peace-related marketplace in the peacebuilding ecosystem; and second, as a business that recognizes the value of each individual vendor and stakeholder as members of a common ecosystem.

Peaceful products, Peaceful exchange

The practical purpose of our global store is to provide a marketplace for diverse vendors and products related to peace. Vendors include tradespeople and artisans from around the world, some of whom we have met and worked with personally. All exchanges with artisans and partners are fairly traded. Other vendors are domestic to the US, providing additional interesting items that are certified local and made-in-the-USA, related to peace or environmental sustainability. You can see more stories on artisans or vendors at the individual product pages.

Your Organization Benefits, too: Affiliate Program

The Peace Company offers an affiliate program to select companies. This program offers a commission based on the sales generated from promoting The Peace Company on the affiliate's website and in related communications. If you would more information on becoming and affiliate and receiving sales commission for your cause, visit our Be A Partner page..

Giving Back

In addition to monies, energies and other considerations that are invested throughout every stage of our business process, The Peace Company re-invests an additional 20% or more of any after tax profits to community peacebuilding initiatives.

When you choose to trade with the Peace Company, your purchases directly support individuals in need, and groups that are part of the peacebuilding community. Thank you for your participation in this joint effort.


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