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Pggh Sisalbasket Detail
Item # GFT-511
Price: $44.95

Rwandan Peace Basket

This Basket is a Symbol of Escorting Each Other Along the Path

We've added a special bright red basket called the "Peace Basket" that is crafted from sisal and colored with natural dye. The pattern symbolizes two friends escorting each other along a path, stopping to chat with others, and then continuing on their way. It's a traditional motif with a new twist in color. The cover is easily removable, yet will close snugly.

Learn more about the Rwandan Weavers Project »

A Peace Gift for Global Healing
Your purchase supports Rwandan women weavers and their families. As with all our Peace Gifts for Global Healing, a portion of profits will be returned to projects that are providing healthy, sustainable income generating projects for Rwandan women.
  • 100% sisal fiber with natural dyes
  • Approximately 10” tall with 6” diameter opening
  • These baskets are handmade and each one is unique. The basket pictured is typical. Subtle variations are possible.
  • Handmade in Rwanda

GFT-511Rwandan Peace Basket ……….$44.95

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