Fundamentals of Peacebuilding Online Course
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The Fundamentals of Peacebuilding

A 6-week Online Home Study Course on the Foundations of Peacebuilding
Curriculum by Louise Diamond

Schedule to be announced.

The Spirit of Peace
is the living presence of peace
that abides in our hearts,
awaiting our call to action.

You are invited to participate in this special course designed especially for those interested in growing in their work as peacebuilders. Whether in the family, in organizational life, in community relations, or international affairs, peacebuilding is a pathway to social change. Peacebuilders seek to help systems craft new sets of behaviors, norms, and structures where peace, justice, and nonviolence are the organizing principles of a new peace culture.

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Course Description

The course is an introductory foray into the spiritual, conceptual, and practical aspects of peacebuilding.  Because of its length and format, it is not meant to teach peacebuilding skills.  Rather, it lays a foundation for further peacebuilding work by briefly introducing the four core Principles of Peace through a series of six week-long units.  These units are:

1.  Walking the Peace Path.  In this unit, we explore critical foundational questions, such as:

  • What is peace? 
  • What is the peace path?
  • What is the Spirit of Peace?
  • Where have I known peace? 
  • Where is peace needed, in my life and in the world around me?
  • What is my unique journey on the peace path?
  • How can I make a difference?

2.  Peace and Unity. In this unit, we explore the first Principle of Peace: Community, the Power of Interconnectedness.  We will consider such topics as:

  • The unity worldview, and its implications for peacebuilding.
  • Lessons from the natural world.
  • Peacebuilder as connector.
  • Right relationship.
  • Creating peace communities.

3.  Peace from the Inside Out.  In this unit, we explore the second Principle of Peace: Witness, the Power of Presence.  In it, we will cover such topics as:

  • Finding inner peace.
  • Your personal peace process.
  • Tapping your unique source of peace.
  • Broadcasting from the 'Peace Radio' channel.

4.  Peace and Nonviolence.  In this unit, we explore the third Principle of Peace: Nonviolence, the Power of Love. In it, we will cover such topics as:

  • Softening the hardened heart.
  • Healing and reconciliation.
  • Nonviolence in everyday life.
  • Nonviolence and love for social change.

5.  Peace and Power.  In this unit, we explore the fourth Principle of Peace: Cooperation, the Power of Sharing Power.  In it, we will cover such topics as:

  • The true nature of power.
  • Dealing with power inequities.
  • Winning strategies for empowerment.
  • Building power alliances.
  • Co-creating the world we share.

6.  The Spirit of Peace in Action.  In this unit, you will have a chance to consider how you might use what you're learning in this course.  We will address such questions as:

  • What new insights or knowledge have I gained from this course?
  • Where in my life or work might I apply those new learnings?
  • How do I now see myself as a peacebuilder?
  • What are my next steps?
  • What resources do I need to continue this journey?
  • How can we help each other along the way?

Course Methodology

This course will be conducted through a special electronic forum (available only to registered participants in the course) on The Peace Company e-learning site over a period of six weeks.  Each week, participants will receive a reading selection, three core assignments involving self-reflection and some journaling, and several other suggested activities and readings, to be undertaken as time and interest permit.  During the week, the e-site will be open to whatever discussion participants choose to have on the topics covered. 

This is an 'elicitive' course, in which you (individually and collectively) are considered a resource and a repository of wisdom on the subjects under discussion.  The assignments are meant less to pour new knowledge into your heads than to draw from you the wealth of what you already know and what you can discover through a process of inquiry, reflection, and dialogue - with yourself and with the rest of the learning community.  Each element of the course - the assignments, the on-line dialoguing, and the phone conferences - will produce learning in direct proportion to your active participation - a gateway you alone can manage.

Course Materials

Each participant will receive the following course materials, in addition to the readings and assignments that will be posted on the e-site:

  • The Peace Book: 108 Simple Ways to Create a More Peaceful World, by Louise Diamond
  • Peacebuilding in Everyday Life - a CD on the principles of peacebuilding
  • The Quest for Peace - a self-assessment tool

Course Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this course. You must only be willing to commit the time necessary to engage in the work.  That time will vary from person to person and from week to week, the variation depending in large degree on your level of interest.  Please consider that you will spend a minimum of 6 hours each of the six weeks of the course, in reading, reflection, journaling, on-line dialogue, and/or telephone conferencing.  Enough material will be presented so that you could easily double or triple that time if you want to delve deeper.  Six weeks is a very short time to cover this material; you will need to be responsible for your own learning experience by choosing those activities that most call your attention and fit within your personal time constraints.

Logistics, Costs and Registration

This course is sponsored by The Peace Company.  You can register by either registering online on this page (note "ADD" buttons above - select course dates desired), by phone or by mailing us a check (please reference this course, The Fundamentals of Peacebuilding, and include all pertinent information including your organizational affiliation if any):

Important Notes

  • All materials and course communications are in English.
  • A $20.00 surcharge is added to international registration fees to cover material shipping costs.
  • Teleconferencing times will be announced at the beginning of the course. Telephone conference phone charges are at students' expense.
  • Refunds, minus a $20 handling fee, will be available until two weeks before the course start date.  After that date, no refunds will be available.

To register, or if you have any questions:

The Peace Company
21 Main Street
Bristol, VT  05443

Phone: 1-888-455-5355 (toll-free)


PLI-201 Fundamentals of Peacebuilding Online Course, full payment……$225.00

--- OR ---

PLI-201A Fundamentals of Peacebuilding Online Course, deposit……$100.00

Full payment must be received two weeks before course start date.

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