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Item #: BOK-219
Price: $19.95
Nonviolent Communication Workbook
by Lucy Leu

A Study Guide for Applying the Life-Transforming NVC Work

Marshall Rosenberg’s ground-breaking Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life reveals the power of connecting with others on a whole new level. You realize immediately that every relationship in your life-with family or friends, co-workers, students, teachers, even with yourself-now has the potential for positive, permanent transformation.

This user-friendly workbook serves as a study guide for applying the life-transforming patterns of thought and speech unique to NVC. Supporting you through each chapter of Rosenberg’s book, this workbook contains refreshing and empowering ideas for implementing NVC in your life: dealing with anger, resolving conflict, improving internal dialogue, and relating more compassionately with others.

· For individuals, this workbook provides you with activities and ideas for employing the liberating principles of NVC in your daily life. You’re guided step-by-step through chapter reviews, activities, and brief assignments that enhance your understanding and enjoyment of NVC.
· For group practice, this workbook offers guidance for getting started, curriculum and activities for each chapter, and strategies for incorporating challenges that commonly arise in group situations into the learning process.
· For teachers, you may want to use this material as the basis for developing your own courses, or to augment an existing curriculum. The extensive reference and resource sections make it easy to do background research and follow-up study.

If your life has been touched by NVC and you’d like to share it with others, this workbook, along with Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, makes a complete and thoughtful gift. Join the thousands of people world-wide who have improved their relationships-and their lives-with simple, yet revolutionary process.

Softcover / 256 pages / Dimensions: 0.58” x 10.16” x 6.80”

BOK-219 Nonviolent Communication Workbook….$19.95

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