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Item #: MTD-1
Price: $19.99
Multi-track Diplomacy
by Louise Diamond and Ambassador John McDonald

A Systems Approach to Peace

Unique in its systemic approach to peacemaking and conflict resolution, Multi-Track Diplomacy identifies the players (official and non-state actors) and activities that contribute to the peacemaking and peacebuilding process. Diamond and McDonald show how all nine tracks are interlinked and provide you with extensive resources for each track along with new ideas and fresh perspectives that will make you more effective in you work. The tracks include:

  1. Government
  2. Nongovernment/Professional
  3. Business
  4. Private Citizen
  5. Research, Training and Education
  6. Activism
  7. Religion
  8. Funding
  9. Communications and the Media

Third Edition, softcover, 182 pages.

MTD-1 Multi-Track Diplomacy………………..$19.95

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