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How to Raise a Peaceful Child in Violent Times Detail
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Please sample a few of the many activities included is this great activity book:
How to Raise a Peaceful Child
in a Violent World

by Louise Diamond
and Elizabeth Slade


"If we are to reach real peace in this world
... we shall have to begin with children"
– Mahatma Gandhi

How to Raise a Peaceful Child in a Violent World is filled with 40 easy-to-do, fun activities. Louise Diamond and Elizabeth Slade, have geared this material toward helping parents and teachers teach The Four Principles of Peace in a subtle, yet powerful, way. The escalating violence in the world is transmitted to our children at many levels, from victim, to witness, to indirect media assault. The information in this wonderful book could not be timelier.

Second Revised Edition ©2005
Softcover / 112 pages / 8.5 x 11 x 0.35 inches

This program makes a wonderful gift for all who live and work with children. Consider a copy for your local school or spiritual organization’s library.

Please visit our Peace Leadership Institute for additional educational programs.

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