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Item #: BOK-212A
Price: $29.95

by Peter Ruhe

A Pictographic History of the Man and his Struggle

Gandhi is a remarkably—and at times, hauntingly—beautiful work of photographs and narrative spanning the life and work of Mohandas Gandhi. Spanning the period of 1869 to 1948, the book chronicles the life of Gandhi in seven main sections:

  • Early years 1869-1893
  • Awakening in South Africa 1893-1915
  • The Dawn of Nonviolent Resistance in India 1915-1930
  • Salt March and its Consequences 1930-1939
  • Quit India 1939-1944
  • A Tragic Freedom 1944-1948
  • Farewell 1948

Much more than another coffee table book, you won’t want to miss the powerful visual impact of Peter Rühe’s Gandhi.

Phaidon Press, softcovercover, 312 pages.

BOK-212A Gandhi………………..$29.95

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