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Sixty Years Sixty Voices
Item #: BOK-232
Price: $60.00 Autographed, or $45 Unsigned

Sixty Years Sixty Voices
by Patricia Smith Melton

A stunning new book by Peace X Peace founder Patricia Smith Melton offers a rare perspective on the possibility of Middle East peace through the eyes of 30 Israeli and 30 Palestinian women whose practical approaches have already gained traction across both sides of the Wall. Printed in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, the book includes Israeli and Palestinian women’s voices equally.

Each profile is accompanied by an exquisite color photograph of the subject. Spotlighting the lives of women from every walk of life, Sixty Years Sixty Voices illuminates each woman’s deepest feelings, visions, and hopes for peace along with the tactics they use every day to make peace a reality in their lives.

The collection of interviews, biographies, and photographs documents the power and experiences of these diverse women, who have struggled to find a mutual destiny where each can thrive.

Hardcover. 167 pages.

Special autographed copy. Percentage of proceeds goes directly to Women's Peacebuilding Initiatives.


Sixty Years Sixty Voices (Autographed)..... $60.00

OR Unsigned Copy
Sixty Years Sixty Voices........ $45.00

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